Ready To Break The Chains Of Your Old Story And Find Freedom From All Of The Mind's Limitations To Start Living Out Your Dreams In 90-Days Or Less?

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So You Can Start Living the Life of Your Dreams in 90-Days or Less. 

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Serious about life-changing transformation, guidance and support?! Eager to learn EXACTLY what you need to do to break free and live your dreams? Check out the different programs Kara offers or apply to work with her in her Private and Group Coaching programs!

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Stay up to date with Kara and find balance for your mind, body and soul by reading her blog posts. Inspired by sharing all parts of her life and her challenges, as well as many tools and mindfulness shifts she learned in all her years of training, Kara shares it all in her blog!

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Undervalued at her 9-5 fast food job, put down by bad relationships, and steep in student debt for a degree that she was pressured into to dropping out and traveling South East Asia for 8 months, clearing her debt, finding empowering friends + community and starting her OWN practice as a mindset coach!

Julia R.

Struggling with insecurities and lack of self-worth in her relationships and career to feeling fully confident in her potential + abilities, letting go of toxic relationships and getting hired at her dream job in only 2 weeks after working with me!

Stephanie J.

From self sabotaging habits, chronic people pleasing, and little control of her emotions to conquering her mind, holistic living, and finding the clarity and confidence to fulfill her childhood dream of helping animals by starting her own charity for stray dogs in Sri Lanka!

Jade O.

From recovery for an eating disorder and struggling with major anxiety and limiting beliefs to getting her own Life Coaching Certification and starting her own coaching business to help other young women in recovery.


Briahne K.

From never leaving her house due to depression, anxiety and deep trauma to balancing her mental, physical and emotional health, moving to a new city to start fresh, and focusing on how she could give back and empower women around the world.

Amara M.

From anxiety, overwhelm, and a lot of unresolved trauma from multiple sexual assaults to finding her voice, confidence and purpose and using it to empower other women through yoga and healing arts.


Alexandra K.

Kara Michelle

Ready To Break The Chains Of Your Old Story And Find Freedom From All Of The Mind's Limitations To Start Living Out Your Dreams In 90-Days Or Less?