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Kara Michelle

Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master and Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

After losing my brother, being sexually assaulted, and having a traumatic car accident I realized there had to be more to life than pain, struggle and overwhelm. I spent 8 years traveling the world, working with Coaches and Healers and learning how to go from pain to purpose - and now I help other women do the same! 

Client Results

Julia R.

From codependent empath struggling with PTSD and coping with unhealthy addictions to empowerment coach helping women build boundaries and holistic habits so they can live and do business in alignment too.


Stephanie J.

Struggling with insecurities and self-worth in her relationships and career to feeling fully confident in herself, letting go of toxic relationships and getting hired at her dream job in only 2 weeks!

Jade O.

From crippling stress, overwhelm and limiting beliefs to having complete mental mastery and starting her own charity in Sri Lanka.


Briahne K.

Recovering from an eating disorder and struggling with major anxiety and limiting beliefs to getting her own Life Coaching Certification and starting her own coaching business to help other young women in recovery.

Amara M.

From never leaving her house due to depression, anxiety and deep trauma to balancing her mental, physical and emotional health, rekindling old relationships, moving to a new city to start fresh, and focusing on how she could give back and empower women around the world.


Alexandra  K.

From anxiety, overwhelm, and a lot of unresolved trauma from multiple sexual assaults to finding her voice, confidence and purpose and using it to empower other women through yoga and healing arts.




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