Kara, What Inspired You To Become A Holistic Mindset Coach, Quantum Healer And A Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher?

This defining moment in my life happened on Jan 30, 2011.

I got a call from my mom saying my older brother Derek had just passed away from an allergic reaction to a prescription drug. I was playing University Volleyball in B.C Canada at the time and hopped on the next flight to get home. Everything I knew about life changed in an instant. This was most definitely the hardest moment of my life so far, but it also set things in motion to lead me to where I am today.


I had so many signs from my brother during my early grief, (not to mention the intuition and uncontrollable tears I had right before I found out he had passed away), so I knew that there had to be more to existence than just our physical self.

This began my journey into spirituality, spending any extra time I had on researching, reading, or studying different methods that would help me make sense of life.

I was traveling in search of answers but in the search I found myself.


My TRUE self.


The Self that is divine bliss. Filled with joy and love. Totally embracing each moment, in awe of the world and the beings within it, living with purpose.


My year of travel brought me more experiences and lessons than I could’ve ever imagined (like living out a lifelong dream of working with elephants, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving over the ocean) and it just added to the deep knowing in my soul that I was meant for something more than struggle and a “normal” routine .

I was tired of all the grief, unworthiness, self-doubt, and insecurities that I felt...


I was tired of the negative patterns and the emotional rollercoasters. I didn’t want to fall back into a dark hole and feel stuck or hopeless, so every time I was faced with a challenge I embarked on more studying, learning, and applying until I eventually found my way through it.


In 2017 I took another solo trip – this time to India to find healing in a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Training, and a Reiki Practitioner 1 & 2 Certification. Then after six months of studying and immersion in India and Sri Lanka, I returned home I began my Certifications to become a Holistic Mindset Coach, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master, and Quantum Healer.

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