Client Testimonials 

Stephanie J:

Struggling with insecurities and lack of self-worth in her relationships and career to feeling fully confident in her potential + abilities, letting go of toxic relationships and getting hired at her dream job in only 2 weeks after working with me!

Briahne K:

From recovery for an eating disorder and struggling with major anxiety and limiting beliefs to getting her own Life Coaching Certification and starting her own coaching business to help other young women in recovery.

Makayla G:

From struggling to think positive thoughts and to find clarity, and purpose in her daily life to finding meaning, a deeper connection to her intuitive gifts, and feeling confident enough to start chasing after the career and lifestyle she wanted!

Julia R:

Undervalued at her 9-5 fast food job, put down by bad relationships, and steep in student debt for a degree that she was pressured into to dropping out and traveling South East Asia for 8 months, clearing her debt, finding empowering friends + community and starting her OWN practice as a mindset coach!

Jamie L:

Struggling with crippling anxiety, daily panic attacks and depersonalization to conquering his anxiety, backpacking Europe solo, going paragliding and skiing in the Alps, and growing his YouTube channel around mental health awareness. 

Sarah T:

In and out of jail and struggling with addictions due to unresolved past trauma to realizing she is worthy and deserving of a better life, building her confidence and daily habits, and landing a job she could have never imagined being able to do where she was actually valued!

Jade O:

From self sabotaging habits, chronic people pleasing, and no control of her emotions to conquering her mind, holistic living, and finding the clarity and confidence to fulfill her childhood dream of helping animals by starting her own charity for stray dogs in Sri Lanka!

Elizabeth F:

Dealing with self-esteem in her business and relationships and feeling unworthy of receiving better, to major confidence shifts, healing her unworthiness in partnerships, moving into her own apartment to start fresh and manifesting amazing strides in her business helping build custom prosthetics!

Kiara R:

Struggling with self-worth and confidence because of heavy childhood trauma, and trying to find clarity on her way to serve the world to creating safety within herself, realizing her worth, healing her relationship towards the masculine and launching her own trauma recovery and breathwork business for young women!

Holly T:

From anxiety, limiting beliefs, toxic and draining relationships, and a lot of unresolved past trauma to setting healthy boundaries and cutting ties with those who were affecting her confidence and self-worth, manifesting a new job where she was respected, and healing and releasing major trauma blocks so she could feel safe in her skin! 

Emily B:

From anxiety, panic attacks, limiting beliefs, and unworthiness due to past trauma to rewiring her brain for confidence, seeing her worth and dreams for the future, and confidently launching her first group program and stepping into her power as an Online Yoga Teacher and Womb Healing Coach for women with STI's. 

Amara M:

From never leaving her house due to depression, anxiety and deep trauma to balancing her mental, physical and emotional health, moving to a new city to start fresh, and focusing on how she could give back and empower women around the world.

Alexandra K:

From anxiety, overwhelm, and a lot of unresolved trauma from multiple sexual assaults to finding her voice, confidence and purpose and using it to empower other women through yoga and healing arts.

Alina M:

From anxiety, limiting beliefs, overwhelm, and a ton of intrusive thoughts to finding total control over her thoughts and where she was giving her power, and due to her hard work, dedication and focus she graduated College with a 3.96 GPA, and got a scholarship for her Master's!

Sophie P:

From negative self-talk, and control issues that where making her feel stuck and dissatisfied with how people and things were unfolding around her to leaning back into surrender and finally being able to truly love herself! From this place of clarity Sophie started working towards her dream of living a more sustainable life and being self-employed.

Haylee G:

From insecurities, fear of judgment and self-doubts around her voice and her worth to feeling confident in her true, authentic self, realizing she is worthy just by being herself and drastically improving her relationships with family, friends and her partner!

Emelye O:

Feeling depressed, anxious, insecure and stuck in a negative work environment to finding her voice and confidence, totally transforming her workplace, getting asked to represent her company at events, plus opening up and helping others by creating awareness around mental health! 

Carol B:

From sadness, doubt, limiting beliefs and feelings of being stuck in her life, to finding fulfilment, happiness and seeing that her voice and presence truly matters in the world so she started going out more, reconnecting with old friends, and looking at ways she could bring her community together!